• 1.  Cos Multipoint VPN

    Posted 05-06-2021 14:43

    Running into a little snag and looking for some inputs.

    I have an SRX  (SRX1) with a multipoint VPN, connecting to two other SRX (SRX2 and SRX3).

    I want to apply traffic shaping to an EF queue but would like it to be applied based on source and destination. Is this possible, if not is there another option.

    For example,  I have 20 MB circuit connecting to SRX1 and I have a 10 Mb circuit connection to SRX2 and 10MB connecting to SRX3.

    I want to assign  4MB on SRX1 to the EF queue, 2 MB to SRX2 and 2MB to SRX3. I know i can use policers but I do not want the EF queue to drop traffic if it does exceed the 4MB limit.

    In short, I have a hub and spoke configuration, but want to dedicate to 2MB of traffic to each hub for traffic in the EF queue without it dropping if it exceeds the limit. Configuration example, or documentation would be great. I am open to suggestions if there are other options.

    Thanks in advance!