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SRX220H2 - missing newline characters in J-Web exported or compared configs

  • 1.  SRX220H2 - missing newline characters in J-Web exported or compared configs

    Posted 07-29-2021 09:23
    Since the 12.3X48-D100 firmware (perhaps even 12.3X48-D95?) there's an issue with the configuration formatting in the J-Web: all newline characters are removed from the output so the whole configuration appears as a single line.

    This affects for example:
    - exported current/ historical configurations (Maintain / Config Management / History: Download)
    - compared current/historical configurations (Maintain / Config Management / History: Compare)
    - compared pending configuration changes (Actions / Compare)

    And perhaps other similar operations.

    - The issue didn't occur with older firmware versions.
    - The issue still occurs with the latest 12.3X48-D105 firmware.
    - The issue affects also SRX240H2 and perhaps some other similar devices.
    - It was also discussed in the older forum here with multiple people reporting the same issue, but that older forum is now gone.

    It's very annoying and makes things such as comparing configuration changes and files very difficult.

    If there's anyone from Juniper Networks watching these forums, could this be fixed please? Since our support contract expired we aren't able to open support requests. However it should be an easy fix and there's no good reason to break this functionality when it was working fine before.