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  • 1.  DNS lookaside question

    Posted 09-12-2021 15:24
    I have several srx boxes. the version im asking, which seems arbitrary because one other box
    shows the same behavior, is 15.1X49-D150.2, the other box is earlier. srx 300 they are.
    My question is this...

    1. Does anyone know how to input the domain value for this code block?

    The hierarchy is system services dns dnssec

        services {
            dns {
                dnssec {
                    dlv {
                        domain trusted-anchor;
                    secure-domains {

    The error output i get is...

    domain is not root domain ".". It is not supported yet, and will be ignored.

    in the cli and jweb

    do need newer os?

    Adrian Aguinaga
    B.S.C.M. I.T.T. Tech
    (Construction Management)
    A.A.S. I.T.T. Tech
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