Comparing SRX1400 with SRX1500.

  • 1.  Comparing SRX1400 with SRX1500.

    Posted 05-21-2021 11:58
    Hi we want to migrate the srx 1400 with an aditional SPC module to a SRX1500.
    However, due srx 1400 has one more SPC module we are afraid if SRX1500 would support the data traffic that actual srx1400 is supporting.

    There are any suggestion about commands and statistics that i can get from srx1400 to consider in this migration?

    Slot 0 Online SRX1k 10GE SYSIO
    PIC 0 Online 6x 1GE RJ45 3x 1GE SFP 3x 10GE SFP+
    Slot 1 Online SRX1k Dual Wide NPC+SPC Support Card
    PIC 0 Online SPU Flow 
    Slot 2 Online SRX3k SPC <----- ADITIONAL MODULE ##
    PIC 0 Online SPU Cp-Flow
    Slot 3 Online BUILTIN NPC
    PIC 0 Online NPC PIC

    João Victor​​

    João Victor