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  • 1.  Is the SRX340 the most bug-ridden device in creation?

    Posted 09-02-2021 14:46
    Coming from a Netscreen-25 and an SSG-140, which both worked flawlessly for years, I have to say that the SRX340 is a massive disappointment.  Here are my experiences with the device so far:

    * The supplier ordered the wrong maintenance package. I ended up with a 3rd-party contract, except nobody could tell me who the 3rd party was, and Juniper support wouldn't talk to me because I had to go through this mythical 3rd party company.  Eventually, it was swapped for a Juniper contract, but the first month was frustrating.

    * The J-Web interface may as well not be there.  It doesn't work.  Period.  All I have to do to crash it is do something extremely complicated, like look at the Ports and it ends up with a grey screen.

    * J-Web will only work with Firefox, according to Juniper.  Except that even with Firefox, it still doesn't work.  It just works less badly than it does with Edge.

    * There are about 3000 versions of Junos available when I search for the SRX340.  Yet the recommended version is a) several major revisions behind and b) several SR patches behind.  If the others aren't compatible with the SRX340, please hide them.  

    * Updating the FW is almost impossible.  It won't do it from the GUI.  Stuff seems to upload, then it sits there for hours doing nothing.  Crashing J-Web mostly.  The only way I have found to do it is manually, with a USB stick, mounting it in bash, then updating from the CLI.  Sorry Juniper, this is the 21st Century, not 1977.

    Before all the CLI-adorers start, I don't mind the odd CLI.  I use Cisco and Dell switches almost exclusively from the command line.  I just don't like the Junos CLI.  Sorry.

    I've had this device for nearly a year now and still haven't put it into service.  The year's maintenance is nearly up and I'm seriously contemplating just binning it and going for a Cisco device instead.


  • 2.  RE: Is the SRX340 the most bug-ridden device in creation?

    Posted 09-03-2021 08:28

    Most of JTAC n Juniper SE said version 20 above have major improvement of JWEB. U should try that. U should buy the device with correct Juniper Elite partner instead buy from third party.


  • 3.  RE: Is the SRX340 the most bug-ridden device in creation?

    Posted 09-04-2021 05:17
    To answer your question "Is this the most bug-ridden device in creation?" No. Not at all. I have many SRX300 series devices, they are fine.

    Purchasing from a non-Juniper reseller does not bad hardware make!
    A bad experience with a piece of software (J-Web) does not bad hardware make!
    Being unable to figure out what release of Junos to use, does not bad hardware make!
    Being incapable of updating the OS on a network device does not bad hardware make!

    Finding the correct Junos release to use is actually very simple, follow this for the JTAC recommended release for your hardware. Here you will find just one recommended release for the SRX300 series of devices.