Is this a configuration Issue or EVE-NG issue?

  • 1.  Is this a configuration Issue or EVE-NG issue?

    Posted 03-25-2021 13:48

    Hoping an vSRX guru can help me as im wondering if this is to do with a limitation of eve or its that I cannot configure these devices now. Its been awhile. 

    I have attached an image of my topology setup in eve. The cloud represents my home network and HQ-ISP01 device can ping my home router with its management address Home router is 

    The cluster is configured and appears to be working correctly. Show route attached ,interfaces terse,  chassis outputs and configuration attached.

    Any help would be hugely appreciated. Just need to know if there is anything wrong with the configuration that would be stopping this or if there isn't put it down to eve-ng as the issue.


    pedro nothing