IPsec VPN with SRX1500 using IP allocation pool

  • 1.  IPsec VPN with SRX1500 using IP allocation pool

    Posted 11-27-2020 13:05
    Hello all,

    I hope you are well. With a SRX1500, is it possible to create a IPsec VPN between the SRX and a Linux machine?
    Something like this:
    • Static IPs on both ends.
    • SRX uses an IP pool to assign the Linux machine an inner IP.
    • No use of username and password.

    The idea is to have something that works like a remote client VPN (using the NCP client) where the NCP client uses a public IP (outer IP) to establish the tunnel and then gets an inner IP from the SRX. However,  the NCP client config means that a username and password are needed.

    Also, when trying to configure static (outer) IPs, the SRX considers it as a site-to-site tunnel.
    SRX> "For site-to-site tunnels, aaa access-profile configuration is not allowed"

    I've tried to find the answer here but maybe I've missed it:
    IPsec VPN Configuration Overview

    Thank you for your help!