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Getting address books from Active Directory

  • 1.  Getting address books from Active Directory

    Posted 12-19-2020 16:02

    I'm working on an SRX340 that evolved from a peer-to-peer network fairly recently.  There was almost nothing to be done when the domain was set up.  And, so it remains as it began pretty much.

    I'm realizing that the address book, etc. are very "manually-generated" and would really like to create AD security groups and use them in the SRX340 address context.

    I'm trying to read the Juniper documentation but am finding that I don't know the right buzz words. 

    So, it would help to know:

    Is something like this possible?

    If so, where and what should I be looking for?

  • 2.  RE: Getting address books from Active Directory

    Posted 01-12-2021 16:21

    might be I missed something though I don't think it's possible to let the SRX "walk" into AD by e.g. LDAP and then get some address book from there. What might be possible is doing an ldapsearch on your AD, get the addresses you're interested in and create a configuration script to put them onto your SRX.
    Though this is error prone, maybe better organize your AD network in subnets and VLAN's and use these as address book entries.

    Tommy Scheunemann