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Error during ISSU on SRX3400 (error-code: 3.1)

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  • 1.  Error during ISSU on SRX3400 (error-code: 3.1)

    Posted 10-07-2019 22:37

    I would like to share an issue and the resolution. I dont think I've seen this before and Google dont give that much on it.


    JUNOS 12.3X48-D85.1 will become active at next reboot
    WARNING: A reboot is required to load this software correctly
    WARNING: Use the 'request system reboot' command
    WARNING: when software installation is complete
    Saving package file in /var/sw/pkg/junos-12.3X48-D85.1.tgz ...
    Saving state for rollback ...
    error: [Oct 8 02:03:16]: Failed to install image on secondary node (error-code: 3.1)
    error: [Oct 8 02:03:16]: ISSU Aborted! Backup node maybe in inconsistent state, Please restore backup node
    [Oct 8 02:03:16]: ISSU aborted. But, both nodes are in ISSU window.
    Please do the following:
    1. Rollback the node with the newer image using rollback command
    Note: use the 'node' option in the rollback command
    otherwise, images on both nodes will be rolled back
    2. Make sure that both nodes (will) have the same image
    3. Ensure the node with older image is primary for all RGs
    4. Abort ISSU on both nodes
    5. Reboot the rolled back node


    I've seen this once before, on this cluster during the same upgrade (from D60), that time we aborted and thought it was another reason for the issue.

    Now when we had this again we tried executing ISSU with user root instead of admin account "myuser".

    Then the ISSU worked perfect and was quick and pretty seamless, as expected.


  • 2.  RE: Error during ISSU on SRX3400 (error-code: 3.1)
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    Posted 10-07-2019 22:39

    Resolution as mentioned, run ISSU as the user "root" instead of custom admin account.