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Static binding dhcp

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  • 1.  Static binding dhcp

    Posted 08-04-2020 04:52

    I have a statically assigned mac-address to the ip address (e.g., but unfortunately the computer gets the first free one from the pool, (, not the one statically assigned - can you say what I'm doing wrong? 


    e.g. code listing:

    pool {
    address-range low high;
    name-server {;;
    router {;
    static-binding xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx {
    fixed-address {;
    host-name laptop;
    router {;



    show system services dhcp binding xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx dynamic 2020-08-05 13:46:27 CEST xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx static never

  • 2.  RE: Static binding dhcp
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    Posted 08-04-2020 05:09

    Robert, when you see the static bindings using "show system services dhcp binding", what MAC address is mapped to


    Can you clear the static bindings using "clear system services dhcp binding" and check the behaviour once again?


    What is the Junos version that you are using at the moment? Because why I'm asking this is I can see you are using legacy DHCP which may actually cause a lot of problems and that's the reason JDHCP was introduced from 12.1 release onwards. Please find the link for your reference -


    I would request you to check the below sample JDHCP configuration and make the changes accordingly.


    user@host> show configuration access 
    address-assignment {
        pool wired {
            family inet {
                range wired {
                dhcp-attributes {
                    name-server {
              ;    or your ISP's DNS server
                    router {
                host PC-1 {
                    hardware-address 08:60:6e:67:ec:aa;
                host PC-2 {
                    hardware-address c4:4e:ac:03:4e:ed;
    user@host> show configuration system services                      
    dhcp-local-server {
        group wired {
            interface vlan.100;  logical or physical interface participating in dhcp


  • 3.  RE: Static binding dhcp

    Posted 08-04-2020 05:29

    Yes, this was the command - now it is and works - clear system services dhcp binding

    And now it downloaded the correct address 🙂

    My JUNOS Software Release [12.1X44-D40.2]


    Thanks again 🙂 🙂

  • 4.  RE: Static binding dhcp

    Posted 08-04-2020 05:44

    Glad it worked!!!


    I would suggest you to use the Juniper recommended Junos version because yours is quite old and it can cause certain issues in the future. But if you think it is working fine with your environment, then it's good.


  • 5.  RE: Static binding dhcp

    Posted 08-04-2020 05:57

    There is only one problem. As I said before, I bought second hand this SRX240H firewall it is EOL. Also after logging in I only have to download the latest ones available to me:


    Branch SRX-Series 12.3X48-D100 26 Mar 2020 tgz (176.13MB)
    Branch SRX-Series 12.3X48-D95 23 Jan 2020 tgz (176.11MB)


    Branch SRX-Series 12.3X48-D10 09 Mar 2015 tgz (165.55MB)

    Are these files about?



    And from the link you gave the same message again, unfortunately 😞


    You have encountered this error because your account privileges do not currently permit access to the information or service requested. Software download entitlement is granted for customers under the following scenarios.

    • Juniper Product within the first 90 days of the hardware warranty period.
    • Juniper Product which is currently under an active maintenance contract.
    • Juniper Standalone Software Subscription which is currently active.

    How may I update my account privileges to enable access?

    • Users with an approved Customer or Partner login account may request access to software downloads using the Juniper Digital Assistant (JDA). You will require your entitled Juniper product SN/SSRN.
    • Users with a Guest user login account interested in evaluating Juniper's product software may contact Customer Care for assistance.
    • If you do not yet have a Juniper login account and are interested in downloads for your Juniper product or evaluation software you may create an account here.

    So I can "play" with what I have, that is JUNOS Software Release [12.1X44-D40.2]

  • 6.  RE: Static binding dhcp

    Posted 08-04-2020 06:03

    Oops. I totally forgot about that😅


    Anyways, you still have Junos to learn.


    Have a Nice Day!!!