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Rename Zone and security policies.

  • 1.  Rename Zone and security policies.

    Posted 11-28-2018 11:43

    Hi All,

    i need to change the security zones is its respective security policies. However, i have some Security Zones that has same name that some address book. For example:

    Security Zone: TEST-AI
    Address_Book: TEST-AI.


    If i change to [edit security policies] hierarchy and run the command "replace pattern TEST-AI with TEST-AI-123, the address book will be changed too.


    So, i´m trying to find a way to replace the pattern TEST-AI, only when this being displayed with "from-zone TEST-AI" and "to-zone TEST-AI".


    To change the zone name, i can follow with "rename", or even with "replace pattern" into the [edit security zones] hierarchy. The problem is only with the Security Policies.


    Please, could you help me?



    João Victor

  • 2.  RE: Rename Zone and security policies.

    Posted 11-28-2018 12:13

    You can do this in two steps:

    1. Go to security policies hierarchy and do replace. This will change zone and addres-book name

    edit security policies
    replace pattern TEST-AI with TEST-AI-123

    2. Now go to policy zone hierarchy and do replace for address-book only to old value

    edit security policies from-zone TEST-AI-123 to-zone TEST-AI-123
    replace pattern  TEST-AI-123 with TEST-AI

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