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replay errors

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  • 1.  replay errors

    Posted 09-22-2019 20:45

    Hi all,

    There following Kb addressing the replay errors on srx.


    3 hubs and more than 200 spokes there are. In line with the KB, the statement -set security vpn name ike no-anti-replay should be configured to current Ipsec vpn configuration on both hubs and spokes to avoid anti--replay errors.

    Can I ask what is the best to deploy this statement...It is really pain to inject it into every sub st0 interfaces...Is there acceptable way to inject globally that effecting all sub st0  interfaces on hub and spoke devices?


    RT_IPSEC: RT_IPSEC_REPLAY: Replay packet detected on IPSec tunnel on ge-1/0/1.0 with tunnel ID 0x4000118! From to, ESP, SPI 0x6bba160c, SEQ 0x5f29




  • 2.  RE: replay errors
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    Posted 09-22-2019 21:33

    You may use groups configuration to apply the statement to all VPNs.

    set groups NO-REPLAY security ipsec vpn <*> ike no-anti-replay
    set apply-groups NO-REPLAY




    show configuration security ipsec vpn <vpn-name> | display inheritance



  • 3.  RE: replay errors

    Posted 09-23-2019 03:18

    Hi Nellika,

    This box -srx is stand alone....not in Chassis cluster.... IS your configuration still valid for stand alone box or?

    And also can you provide on how to do verification?





  • 4.  RE: replay errors

    Posted 09-23-2019 04:08

    It is valid on both standalone and cluster devices. You may use below command to verify whether ant-replay is disabled or not:

    show security ipsec security-associations detail | match "Anti-replay|Gateway|Direction"




  • 5.  RE: replay errors

    Posted 09-23-2019 04:43

    This command -show security ipsec security-associations detail | match "Anti-replay|Gateway|Direction" showed

    by default anti-replay is enabled on spoke and hub sites


    After implementing your proposal group configuration, how can be verify whether or not it is inherited to all sub st0 logical interfaces ( st0.1, st0.2, st0.3 ..............  st0.149, st0.150)? just cross check?

  • 6.  RE: replay errors

    Posted 09-23-2019 04:49

    Verification command was given in my first post.




  • 7.  RE: replay errors

    Posted 09-23-2019 05:04

    Ohh sorry I didn't see that one...... thanks for that....