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To add loopback interface in VRF

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  • 1.  To add loopback interface in VRF

    Posted 11-29-2017 04:47



    We have SRX240 appliance with VRRP configuration. There are 2 ISP and MPLS link terminated on SRX.

    There is lo0 interface is configured with IP address.

    Now i want to configure 1)  IP on loopback interface and 2) IP for "Office" routing instance(VRF)

    I have added both IP under lo0 interface with unil 120 and unit 150 respectively.

    While i tried commit check, i got an error - You can not create multiple subinterface under lo0


    Could you please suggest me correct configuration to achieve the requirement.


    Thank you..

  • 2.  RE: To add loopback interface in VRF
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    Posted 11-29-2017 05:25


    Multiple loopbak interface per routing instance is not supported in JunOS. You have two options:

    1. Create multiple loopack interface and assign each of them in different routing instance

    2. Assign multiple IP addresses on the same loopback interface. (eg:- lo0.0)