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ARP table problem

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  • 1.  ARP table problem

    Posted 10-14-2019 07:52

    Hello everybody, I am new to the Juniper world so apologies if this is something very basic.


    I have setup one of the ports on a SRX300 to connect to a fibre optic hub with a static IP. Currently I am using a Draytek and all works fine.

    Now, when I plug the network cable in the ge-0/0/0 interface, I get an internet connection straight away. If I unplug the cable, then back in, the connection resumes immediately (and so does the VPN connection).

    However, if I connect the cable back to the Draytek for whatever reason, and then back to the Juniper, the internet connection doesn't come back.

    If I try to ping I get no reponse, until i clear the arp table. When I do that, internet connection is back but the VPN continues to refuse to connect, until I restart the Juniper then it's all back to normal.


    What am I missing? Is this a normal behaviour?

  • 2.  RE: ARP table problem
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    Posted 10-14-2019 09:20

    In case anyone is interested, I had to specify arp purging so that the arp table gets cleared if the interface link goes down.