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Another CoS Question

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  • 1.  Another CoS Question

    Posted 01-04-2019 03:37



    Another CoS question...... Given that in our scenario we cannot utilise ieee-802.1 because it is an access interface, I have changed the configuration to be the below:


    CPE ( --> ge-0/0/1 ( SRX340 irb.10 ( ge-0/0/15 (dot1q) --> MX


    All routing works fine and I can access the internet from a laptop attached to the CPE.

    So, I apply all of my CoS, as I have on the MX and assign the firewall filter to the ge-0/0/1 interface on the SRX340. All good, configuration accepted as I knew it would be.


    I have come across the following problem with testing though.

    To confirm the traffic is going to the correct queue, we have to look at the interface stats on the egress interface. In my case this is ge-0/0/15. However, the queues all show up as zero bytes even though everything works.


    Am I right in thinking that the following command:


    run show interface ge-0/0/15 extensive


    Will NOT show any stats because it is a trunk interface (no layer 3). I have 2 VLANs and they are linked to internal irb interfaces. If I look at the output from the IRB interfaces there are no queue counters at all.....


    Here are the questions:


    1: Is it possible to view queue counters on an irb interface?

    2: If the answer to question 1 is "no", how can I view the queue counters on the dot1q trunk interface? Or can't I?


    I know the configuration should work, as it is the same as on the MX and that works fine. The only difference here is the trunk layer 2 interface.

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    Posted 01-04-2019 03:53

    It's okay. I have answered my own questions 🙂


    I changed the trunk interface to 2 x sub-interfaces and re-tested and I now see all the traffic.....


    CoS working as expected using this configuration.