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Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

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  • 1.  Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 02-10-2019 20:40

    Dear All,

    I had upgrade my SRX300 Junos from the hardware default version to 15.1X49-D160 version.

    It can works after updating, however after I reset the hardware to manufaturing default, the hardware cannot be connected anymore.


    In web browser say "" , browser has changed to "Juniper Phone Home Client" with "Device Cannot Connect" error message.

    I have try to skip to J-Web option, and the J-Web login screen would go out and asked me to input the User name and password.

    However, whatever I type , username "root" , by default without password,,  or my previous username and password,  all combination can't go to the managment console menu.


    Please hep on it and how I can go into the Setup Wizard for re-config the SRX300 hardware again?


    Thank you so much.


  • 2.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 02-10-2019 20:51



    Are you able to login via console or cli. Username root and password blank.


    Once logged in via CLI please check if there is any phone-home configuration.



    show system phone-home


    You can deactivate phone-home services and try the J-WEB again:

    deactivate system phone-home



    I hope this helps. Regards,



  • 3.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 02-10-2019 21:00

    Dear Vikas,


    I can't connect with CLI neither.  It's also prompt me wrong password when I login with "root" user.

    I suppose the default root password blank, but fail login in CLI neither.


    Best Regards

    Matthew Ho

  • 4.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 02-10-2019 21:02

    You may have to reset root password if that is also not working. Refer the URL to reset root password: 



  • 5.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 02-10-2019 23:34

    Dear Nellikka,

    The URL for reset root password is/ Error 404.

    Can you help for the corrected URL?


    Thank you so much.

    Best Regards

    Matthew Ho

  • 6.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)
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    Posted 02-10-2019 23:43

  • 7.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 02-11-2019 00:06



    In  few of the latest versions, root login through SSH has to be explicitly allowed but it should work through Console.  Any other username should also work fine.  If this is not the case then password reset is the only option.




  • 8.  RE: Device Cannot Connect (SRX300)

    Posted 09-14-2020 12:31

    I got the same error when I got my new device. Called technical support and was told that by default, GUI was disable during initial set up. However, on the quick start guide, it was not mentioned and misled to use the RJ-45 cable to connect. I finally got a serial to usb cable and connect the adapter to get on it.