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Migrate from SRX220H to SRX220H2

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  • 1.  Migrate from SRX220H to SRX220H2

    Posted 08-24-2017 02:13



    At the moment I use an SRX220H [12.1X46-D65.4] and I would like to buy another one for backup/upgrade purpose. I do not need a high availability setup (cluster), so I think I will purchase an SRX220H2 (since the support for the SRX220H will end in a couple of years).

    Are these devices perfectly compatible and do you think I will be able to export the configuration from the SRX220H and upload it to the SRX220H2 without any issue?





  • 2.  RE: Migrate from SRX220H to SRX220H2

    Posted 08-24-2017 08:05


    As always, it depends Smiley Happy

    If You are using IDP, and if You are using predefined IDP remplate that ends with "-1G" (because SRX220H has 1G RAM), then it may be good time to migrate to a next higher up predefined IDP template.

    Please see this link for predefined IDP templates




  • 3.  RE: Migrate from SRX220H to SRX220H2

    Posted 08-24-2017 09:13
    Hi, Alex.
    Thanks for your answer.

    We don't use DPI, actually. It is quite a simple configuration with 5 to 6 Lan-to-Lan VPNs and a simple LAN to WAN Internet Access (with NAT).
    We have some published internal server (Port forwarding) and nothing more.

    I suppose the interfaces name are the same between the 220H and 220H2 so the configuration should run smoothly after a copy/paste operation.


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    Posted 08-24-2017 10:33

    The configuraton will be identical.

  • 5.  RE: Migrate from SRX220H to SRX220H2

    Posted 08-24-2017 11:29

    If you can accept smaller changes to the configuration (layer2 has changed to ELS-style config), then I would recommend looking at the SRX300 series instead. Better performance, built-in SFP ports and no fans... and a list price roughly 40% lower than the SRX220H2.


    On top the SRX220H2 will not be upgraded further than the 12.3X48 software train where SRX300 series will run 15.1X49 and 17.x when it arrives.


    All security policies, nat and VPN will be the same - you are just futureproofing your solution even more at at lower price 🙂

  • 6.  RE: Migrate from SRX220H to SRX220H2

    Posted 08-24-2017 13:24

    Thanks, Smicker and Jonashauge for your answers.


    The fact that the configuration will be the same is a huge relief to me because I will not have to deal with potential issues, but I will take a look at the SRX300 series for sure since it seems a very interesting one.