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SRX egress queues policer /shaper

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  • 1.  SRX egress queues policer /shaper

    Posted 10-15-2017 14:21

    Hi everyone

    Please consider the following example:


    Scheduler NETWORK -CONTROL Transmit-rate 20M exact priority strict high

    Are we doing Policing or shaping above? what is burst size assumed?

    Scheduler VIDEO transmit-rate 30M priority HIGH

    Policing or shaping?


    Thanks and have a nice weekend!!






  • 2.  RE: SRX egress queues policer /shaper
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    Posted 10-15-2017 23:46

    Shaping to configured transmit-rate. Burst size is limited by configured buffer-size.

    On some platforms you have an option to do policing. Instead of exact you use rate-limit parameter.


    Regards, Wojtek