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  • 1.  Transparent mode

    Posted 05-14-2017 08:42

    i was studying Transparent mode in SRX but there are lots of things confusing:

    1- what are the differences between transparent mode and mixed mode?

    2- in Transparent mode you cannot route between Vlans because you cannot route between IRb interfaces , so why transparent mode is important??

    3-what are the scenarios where i can use transparent mode ??


  • 2.  RE: Transparent mode
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-14-2017 11:32



    1) In mixed mode, the Ethernet physical interface can be either a Layer 2 interface or a Layer 3 interface, but the Ethernet physical interface cannot be both simultaneously. However, Layer 2 and Layer 3 families can exist on separate physical interfaces on the same device.

    The following link has more details :-


    2) In transparent mode, the SRX Series device filters packets that traverse the device without modifying any of the source or destination information in the IP packet headers. Transparent mode is useful for protecting servers that mainly receive traffic from untrusted sources because there is no need to reconfigure the IP settings of routers or protected servers.

    More details :-


    3)You should consider using transparent mode because certain networking scenarios are not ideal for a Layer 3 implementation of a firewall.

    Segmenting a Layer 2 domain

    Complex routing environments

    The following link would be helpful :-


    Hope this Helps 🙂



    Sahil Sharma

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