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Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

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  • 1.  Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 08-12-2009 18:10

    It has come to my attention that the base memory versions od the SRX210 and SRX240 CANNOT be upgraded to a high memory version. Is this correct? Will this change in the future?


    Are any other specs or capabilities scaled back on these lower memory version?


    Thanks in advance!



  • 2.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?
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    Posted 08-12-2009 20:18

    Unfortunately this is true. SRX210 and 240 are currently sold with low-mem (base w 512MB) and high-mem (1GB) versions. High-mem also offers POE version as well. The memory is not field replaceable. So if you intend to implement UTM or IDP, be sure that you have high-mem version as low-mem doesn't support those features.



  • 3.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 01-28-2013 06:00


    I was wondering if I can upgrade the memory in SRX 210 BE to 1GB and install UTM license? 


    If I can't upgrade, what are other solution to get UTM running? Replacing the device? 


  • 4.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 01-28-2013 06:56



    Unfortunately, srx210 memory is not upgradable, just by design. If it was srx100, you could buy a license to increase memory from 512m to 1g (as it always has 1g inside even for a cheaper low-mem version), but for srx210 - you have to replace it to run UTM.


    Note that currently you can buy srx210he - high-memory and faster CPU, than it was in old (non-"e") srx210. It goes at the same price as old srx210h.

  • 5.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 01-30-2015 21:44

    I did upgrage memory from 512mb to 1g for srx240b. Device used 95% for control and now I got 60%.

  • 6.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 01-30-2015 22:05


    Here is srx240b after memory upgrade:

    root@srx240> show chassis routing-engine
    Routing Engine status:
        Temperature                 33 degrees C / 91 degrees F
        CPU temperature             31 degrees C / 87 degrees F
        Total memory              1024 MB Max   451 MB used ( 44 percent)
          Control plane memory     560 MB Max   325 MB used ( 58 percent)
          Data plane memory        464 MB Max   130 MB used ( 28 percent)
        CPU utilization:
          User                      14 percent
          Background                 0 percent
          Kernel                    10 percent
          Interrupt                  0 percent
          Idle                      76 percent
        Model                          RE-SRX240B
        Serial ID                      AAEY3032
        Start time                     2015-01-31 08:28:20 EST
        Uptime                         4 minutes, 30 seconds
        Last reboot reason             0x8:power-button hard power off
        Load averages:                 1 minute   5 minute  15 minute
                                           0.93       1.45       0.72

  • 7.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 04-16-2015 00:21



    How you upgraded the RAM?.According to this link It is not possible. Please let me know,is there any out of the box Idea.

  • 8.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 04-16-2015 00:28

    You can try the new H2 devices with 2G memory ( 2GB ram and 2GB flash).


  • 9.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 02-05-2018 17:38


    For SRX210 & SRX240 (First Gen.) - you CAN upgrade the RAM to 2G. You will still have 1G FLASH, but your memory can double. If you want to install JunOS 12.1X47... you will need to change the checking in the JunOS. Check the Michael's RAM and JunOS tweaks to install newer ver of JunOS with 2GB RAM

    I hope it helps.


  • 10.  RE: Branch Office SRX Memory Upgrade?

    Posted 06-13-2015 01:58



    I've an SRX-210B and I'm interested in memory up-grade. It's enough to change memory into appliance or else? Why Juniper says that it's impossible by design?


    Some one knows SRX210lm? What is it? I've one of them but I can't find it's description on Juniper site.


    Thank you in advance.