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  • 1.  SRX-JE VS SRX-JB

    Posted 10-30-2020 12:15

    I can see that the SRX- SYS - JE includes Application security , so my question is what will be the benefit of this as the premium flex license includes this and the advanced one as well !

  • 2.  Re: SRX-JE VS SRX-JB

    Posted 10-31-2020 04:39

    The SRX-SYS-JE SKUs only provides a perpetual license for Application security which is also included in the flex subscriptions (both A1, A2, A3, P1, P2 and P3) - so if you need flex subscriptions anyway, then just go with SYS-JB hardware SKUs.


    secondly the SYS-JE will probably be phased out soon... so in general always look at SYS-JB + flex licenses on all new installations.

  • 3.  Re: SRX-JE VS SRX-JB

    Posted 10-31-2020 05:43

    Thanks   for the clarification ..

    Is there any announcement for its end of life ?

  • 4.  Re: SRX-JE VS SRX-JB

    Posted 11-02-2020 07:38

    The SYS-JE SKUs are not announced end of life yet so can still be purchased - as stated this is my subjective expectation as it doesn't make sense to have the SYS-JE SKU as it's more expensive than SYS-JB plus a A1 subscription.