DDoS Mitigation using BGP Flowspec

By Erdem posted 02-10-2015 07:40


NANOG 63 just wrapped up in San Antonio last week and I was honored to speak at the conference about ways to mitigate DDoS attacks.


The BGP Flow Specification defined in RFC 5575 gives network operators an additional tool to mitigate the effects of DDoS attacks on their network. Over time, there have been many tools available to operators for blocking DDoS attacks. BGP Flowspec is a great improvement over previous methods. In many ways it works very effectively, however, there are still some advancements needed to make this tool even more effective.


Watch the video below to learn more details about the pros and cons of BGP Flowspec.



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04-15-2016 10:00

What carrier ISPs support Flowspec?  We have a customer asking us,  but none we contacted support it.

01-09-2016 21:42

Above link worked --- excellent demonstration .. loved every bit of it ..


Thnaks and keep on posting and sharing ..


01-09-2016 07:36

Try this link:
Justin Ryburn
Consulting Engineer - Hosting/Colo
Juniper Networks

01-09-2016 06:38

I am not able to access this video link. Can any one help me in this regard. Any direct link may help. I am getting page cannot be displayed error under wathc vidoe section.




02-21-2015 09:58

A must read, must watch for all BGP users.