Vision to Reality: Software-Defined Secure Networks

By Elevate posted 03-01-2017 10:47


February has been a busy month for Juniper! Two weeks ago you may have caught us at RSA, where we announced our technology alliance partnerships to expand Software-Defined Secure Networks. Following RSA, Juniper hosted its first SDN and Network Automation college-student competition in our Silicon Valley OpenLab. Currently, we are wrapping up at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, where we announced we are partnering with Affirmed Networks and Netronome to deliver a scalable cloud solution for mobile subscriber services. Our theme is "Are you ready for Digital Cohesion?" and we are showcasing  various mobile networking solutions and partnerships that help build a cloud-native IP platform that will prepare customers for 5G, IoT and ultimately Digital Cohesion. This Mobile Cloud Architecture will provide robust solutions to help mobile operators.

In addition to our activities this month, we are excited to share that Juniper has collaborated with Sony to deliver our switching technology to support Sony's IP Live production solution, enabling broadcasters to capture and distribute live coverage of events globally. We also revealed survey results  that show consumers and businesses recognize the advantages of digital cohesion. We are proud to share that Vodafone has selected Juniper as a Vodafone Global Approved Vendor for its Contrail Networking software-defined networking (SDN) solution. Additionally, Juniper participated in the recent "Telefónica Talks" technology overview event for the company's 17 global operating units to address the topic of 5G with thousands of Telefónica employees globally, which we discuss further in our featured content. 

For more information on our partnerships, survey results, OpenLab competition and Sony collaboration, see featured content below. 


Featured Content


Juniper Networks Announces Technology Alliance Partnerships to Expand Software-Defined Secure Networks

Juniper announced technology alliance partnerships with several leading security providers across a variety of critical areas, including endpoint security, cloud access security and network access control. The companies joining Juniper's existing alliances include market leader Carbon BlackNetskopeCipherCloudForeScout and Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. These partners will integrate their technologies with Juniper's Software-Defined Secure Networks (SDSN) platform, allowing customers to create cohesive security infrastructures with easily managed and deployed best-in-class products for advanced threat intelligence sharing and prevention.

Through the addition of these partners, Juniper's SDSN platform will expand protection against cyber threats on-premises as well as off-premises. This includes defense in the network, at the endpoint and in the cloud. Juniper's technology alliance partnerships are expected to not only help extend the SDSN vision, but also solve one of the biggest challenges companies face -- creating a cohesive security infrastructure that stops threats anywhere as soon as they occur. By enabling the network to be the center of a modern security infrastructure, Juniper will bring simplicity to a complex network of disparate security products and ensure customers have the flexibility to use best-of-breed solutions to protect its mission-critical IT and business assets. 

Juniper's technology alliance partners will broaden the protection surface of Juniper's SDSN framework, helping to fulfill the promise of a truly end-to-end security platform by including solutions from industry-leading companies. These partners will leverage Juniper's APIs to integrate their security capabilities into the SDSN framework and deliver comprehensive protection across the cyber crime lifecycle.

For further reading, please see the official press release.


Juniper Partners with Affirmed Networks and Netronome to Deliver a Scalable Cloud Solution for Mobile Subscriber Services
Juniper announced the availability of a carrier-grade cloud solution that allows the rapid implementation of mobile subscriber service virtual networks functions (VNFs) with the performance, reliability and scale that customers expect. The solution combines Affirmed Networks® Mobile Content Cloud™ virtualized evolved packet core solution (vEPC) with Juniper Networks® Contrail Networking and Netronome® Agilio® SmartNICs to significantly improve performance and efficiency compared to software-only virtual routing solutions.


Juniper Networks, Affirmed Networks and Netronome together deliver a carrier-grade, highly scalable solution that enables hardware acceleration of cloud-based VNFs for mobile operators. This approach enables the benefits of both SDN and NFV while offering up to six times cost per unit core savings compared to software-only virtual routing solutions. The solution also enables the best of both worlds by combining the flexibility and agility of a software-based solution with the performance of a hardware platform. See official press release here

Sony Utilizes Juniper Networks' Open Technology for IP-Based Production Platform

Juniper has collaborated with Sony Professional Solutions Europe to deliver its switching technology to support Sony's IP Live production solution. This enables broadcasters to capture and distribute live coverage of major sporting, cultural and political events globally. By leveraging Internet Protocol (IP) networks, IP Live is designed to solve the challenge of transporting massive volumes of rich-content data in real-time between outside broadcast locations and production studios in a cost-effective and reliable manner. Juniper's open, interoperable technology aligns with Sony's requirement to tailor open solutions to the exact needs of each customer. 

Traditionally, to achieve the required reliability and low latency necessary for production-quality broadcasts, broadcasters have relied on serial digital interface (SDI) and coaxial cabling technology to transport live content from outside broadcasts to production studios. However, faster frame rates, dynamic ranges and higher resolutions of today's rich content often make the cost of conventional cabling and hardware prohibitively expensive and cumbersome for many broadcasters. Sony is delivering a simple, smart and open architecture for building an automated and high-availability network compatible with Juniper's technology. IP Live supports the transportation of quality high-definition (HD) and 4K (ultra HD) video, audio, synchronization signals and control-data across an IP network through a single network cable. 

Sony and Juniper also have a unique partnership to provide IP Live production and training courses for the broadcast industry. The collaborative courses show participants how to build a viable IP network, control and manage settings for optimum performance throughout the network, and mitigate errors.

For more, see the official press release.


Global Survey Reveals Consumers and Businesses Recognize Advantages of Digital Cohesion

Juniper revealed the results of extensive global market research into business and consumer attitudes towards the readiness for an era of Digital Cohesion, where predictive, automated, network-based mega-services adapt to user behavior, enabling better decision-making and enriching personal and business lives.The 16-country survey* suggests business and consumer users see Digital Cohesion as an inevitable, positive societal development. Consumers anticipate it will bring certain advantages, ranging from improved community infrastructure with more responsive, effective emergency services to more efficient use of personal time, improved education and learning capabilities, lower living costs, such as greater home energy efficiency, and more informed decision-making. Business respondents say Digital Cohesion will deliver advantages, including increased productivity, improved budget efficiency, new workforce management models and business service innovation. With mobile devices serving as data collection points to drive mega-services, we believe telecommunication service providers will need to re-examine the way they architect their networks in order to support this era.

The survey also highlights that consumer and business respondents have concerns about security and compliance around mega-services. It also indicates these concerns will be significantly more influential than design and aesthetic preferences on user behavior and brand choices. These findings suggest that trust is non-negotiable for users and a thoughtful, proactive approach to security provisioning within these mega-services is paramount.

For more detail on the results, see the official press release.

Telefonica and Juniper Networks Highlight the 5G Network Obstacle of Increased User Expectation and Higher Traffic Pressure

Juniper continues to work with Telefónica, one of the world's largest telecommunications companies, to help the service provider overcome the challenges of its planned 5G mobile services rollout. Juniper participated in the recent "Telefónica Talks" technology overview event for the company's 17 global operating units to address the topic of 5G with thousands of Telefónica employees globally.

During the online event, Juniper discussed the hurdles of the surging connectivity, traffic density and security demands that 5G will place on networks, balanced against the increasing pressure of rising expectations from organizations undergoing business transformation that will look to 5G-driven services as a significant enabler of new digital business models and revenue streams. Juniper highlighted the importance of agile, scalable, intelligent and secure IP networking as the foundation for effective 5G services that will help Telefónica to deliver innovation and excellence in areas such as large-scale IoT, mobile broadcast, connected vehicles and mobile broadband in densely populated areas. For more, see theofficial press release.

Vodafone Selects Juniper Networks' SDN Capability for Automated and Agile Business Services
Juniper has been selected as a Vodafone Global Approved Vendor for its Contrail Networking software defined networking (SDN) solution. The technology will help enable innovative, user-driven, flexible business services for Vodafone’s customers. 
"Being able to provide automated, virtualized, cloud-enabled networking capabilities securely and at scale is fundamental to our future success, and we are pleased to have Juniper on board as a key technology partner." - David Amzallag, head of network virtualization Vodafone Group

Please see the official press release.


Juniper Networks Hosts First SDN and Network Automation Student Competition in OpenLab Silicon Valley

Juniper kicked off its first software-defined networking (SDN) and network automation "Throwdown" workshop and competition at its Sunnyvale headquarters. As part of Juniper's ongoing OpenLab Silicon Valley program, the event provides college-student participants with hands-on education and hacking experience through workshop lectures and training focused on the emerging SDN technology revolution. 

Juniper's OpenLab program aims to address a larger industry need for SDN and network automation education and training, which was revealed by a global report from Wakefield Research and Juniper Networks that showed nearly half of IT decision makers surveyed believe their workforce will not have the skills needed for their individual business roles within the next five years. 

See the official press release for more information.