How do I enable a device to configure automatically at startup?

By tmoovana posted 02-22-2016 08:17



How do I enable a device to configure automatically at startup?


You can set up a device to automatically perform device configuration at startup. You use one of the following methods:


  • Automatic installation of configuration files- Automatic installation allows automatic configuration of a new device when the device is connected to a network and is turned on. For the autoinstallation process to work, you must store the configuration files on a configuration server in the network and have a service available—typically Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP)—to assign an IP address to the services gateway. You can specify the configuraion statements in the configuration file. For more information, see Automatic Installation of Configuration Files (J Series Routers and SRX Services Gateway).
  • Copy the configuration file to USB flash drive- This method is useful when you are uprading and configuring a device at a remote site. To load configuration from a USB flash drive, create a USB disk of the Junos OS image and then create a text file named junos-config.conf. You specify the configuration statements in the junos-config.conf file. For more information, see Preparing the USB Flash Drive to Upgrade Junos OS.