Change the Game and Secure Your Business

By theresalee posted 10-02-2017 11:05


No matter the role, security is making a case stronger than ever as the #1 priority amidst the recent Equifax breach. Although no one can predict the future, it’s pretty clear that security will remain at the forefront of concerns. Over the past few months, Juniper leveraged both external and internal data to come up with a solution that delivers complete, compelling secure business in-a-box to customers. The chart* below illustrates the top concerns of several CIOs and VP/Managers of IT today. 


Secure Business.png


Our goal for each customer/partner is to provide a customized solution, empower them to be successful, and reduce time to market. Once we identified these needs, we created a solution focused on solving these challenges: Secure Your Business.


The “Secure Your Business” promotion delivers complete campus and/or branch networking solutions powered by Juniper SDSN through four discounted, easy-to-buy, specially sized packages.

  • Secure Business 50 – supports up to 50 users
  • Secure Business 100 – supports up to 100 users
  • Secure Business 200 HQ – supports up to 200 users, especially suited for small HQ locations
  • Secure Business 500 HQ – supports up to 500 users, suited for medium HQ locations

Package Options.png


It’s two birds, one stone. We’re here to make people’s lives easier. With these packages, customers and partners can set their businesses up for success no matter what industry. Optional Professional Services Jump Starts, from Juniper or resellers, brings ease of mind and reduces time to production. And for those still uncertain, all four packages have pre-approved discounts to make it easier to deliver the perfectly sized solution in minimal time.


Ready to get started? We have several resources to help ensure your success. To start assembling your package, watch this quick tutorial on how to use the online builder tool. The tool is very interactive and easy to customize based on specific needs. Following your submission, a sample proposal will arrive and include the current market, Juniper’s approach to the market, the promotional package, topology maps, a BOM for the site design, and a QR code to help you return to the proposal.




This promo is available through December 31, 2017. Time = money, and people & businesses would always love more of that. It’s starting to sound like the perfect holiday gift, right? 


*Chart taken from Juniper & PwC Enterprise Cloud Data Center Research, 2017.


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