Say Hello to the Juniper Security Enterprise Agreement (EA)

By snimmagadda posted 04-03-2018 04:00


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Software subscription and technical support procurement processes can be incredibly challenging for enterprises. Identifying specific software and services needed, projecting the number and types of licenses needed, maintaining inventory of services procured, including potential service expiration dates, and evaluating the impact of expired licenses on business continuity all contribute to the complex procurement process. On top of that, security services introduce a new set of compliance and risk considerations if enterprises are not able to scale their security.


To help enterprises simplify the procurement process, Juniper Networks is now offering its Security Enterprise Agreement (EA).


With this Security EA process, customers procure an enterprise-wide right to use our different security packages. As long as the service usage is within an agreed-upon limit, customers will not need to go through the ordering process for individual service instances. If customers end up using more than the original projected usage, then they can true up the excess usage at the end of the year. As long as the EA is active, the tracking of individual service subscription expirations should no longer be needed.


At this time, we are introducing two packages – the “Essentials Package” and the “Premium Package”. The following table provides more detail on the specific components of these packages:




Premium Package

(includes Essentials Package and corresponding support)

SKY ATP Subscription,  

JATP (Enterprise) Subscription

Policy Enforcer

Essentials Package

(includes corresponding support)



Enhanced Web Filtering,



ThreatFeed Subscription

Remote Access Subscription

Security Director


 Note that each package provides the specified security services, management products and technical support entitlements for enterprise-wide use. These packages are available only on a 3-year term basis. The services can be instantiated on any of the Juniper SRX or vSRX platforms that support these services. Underlying hardware (physical SRX) or platform software (vSRX) procurement has to be done independent of the Security EA.


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04-16-2018 23:46

Fantastic Srini! Love that you are looking at the object of simplifying network security, not just from a product perspective, but also from a process point of view!

04-03-2018 13:26

Driving Simplicity.