Effective Microsegmentation in VMware NSX deployments with Juniper SDSN

By praviraj posted 11-21-2017 07:57


While perimeter security solutions can block threats contained in north-south traffic entering or leaving the data center, they cannot defend against threats introduced by compromised virtual machines (VMs) that infect east-west traffic flowing within the data center between applications and services.


Data centers using Juniper Networks vSRX Virtual Firewall and Junos Space Security Director with Policy Enforcer in combination with VMware’s NSX platform can microsegment intra-data center traffic to effectively defend applications and systems against threat propagation in both north-south and east-west traffic.



Some of the key benefits of this solution are

 Effective microsegmentation protects virtual workloads.

• Comprehensive threat detection and visibility protect all data center traffic.

• Single-pane management enables consistent policy enforcement in private, hybrid, or multicloud data centers.

• Automated workflows adapt to dynamic changes.

• Knowledge of NSX security groups in other network elements facilitates seamless security workflows


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