Security and the de-commoditisation of data

By lpitt posted 09-07-2017 01:00


oil-pump-41214_640.pngData is bucking the trend that suggests all things eventually become a simple commodity. We’ve all spent years just seeing data as ‘there’; whether it’s a spreadsheet, email or information on a website/social media – data just exists. However, with recent, and massive, growth in stored data its value throughout its lifetime has now changed.


What do I mean by this?


Well, a great example is when we’re all waiting to see the latest smartphone. During development and testing it’s top secret, hidden away from the world and leaked only in very controlled situations, but on the day of release the company launching it wants everyone to know about it instantly to fill order books and generate revenue.


However, because of this value, data must be secured and protected – kept away from people who might pose a threat to its integrity and value. In this world of instantly available information a news leak informed by real data is something that can quickly reduce the value of a product, or even damage the revenue and reputation of your business.


As much as endpoint-based technology can help to prevent an attack, we need to move from a defensive security posture and become more proactive. Understanding what is ‘normal’ makes it easier to recognise unusual behaviour of devices and data which might indicate a threat has breached the network. This ensures the maximum time possible to mitigate the damage is available to you.


On September 28th at 14:00 BST Juniper Networks is running the next in our series of complimentary security webinars. If you are interested to hear about and discuss this challenge then please join me and Lee Fisher to hear our thoughts, recommendations and ideas. You can register here.