Whichever way your compass points, Juniper’s new Firefly suite has you covered

By Elevate posted 01-16-2014 21:51


Compass icon small.jpgToday we announced the long-awaited “virtualized SRX” - Firefly Perimeter, as part of Juniper’s Firefly Suite.  The suite is purpose-built for virtualized environments providing dynamic deployment and scale of firewall protection, securing both East-West and North-South traffic and assets inside and outside of the cloud.


Three reasons why Firefly Suite delivers the most comprehensive virtualization security solution for protecting the cloud:


1.)  Holistic - Security that is virtualization aware

Firefly Suite is effectively embedded in the fabric providing East-West traffic inspection as well as IDS, virtualization-specific AV protection, VM Introspection and compliance tools, with management scale.


2.)  Comprehensive - Security that is customized

Firefly Suite inspects all traffic including North-South traffic, providing customized and secure connectivity for specific VM’s, workloads, customers and tenants, with rich connectivity features like NAT, routing and VPN.


3.)  Flexible - Security that is as agile as the asset it protects

Firefly Suite joins Juniper’s rich virtualized security portfolio including WebApp Secure, DDoS Secure, UAC (NAC), Junos Pulse Secure Access Service (SSL VPN) and Secure Analytics (formerly STRM), all available in virtual machine formats. Contrail, our SDN controller, seamlessly integrates with Firefly Perimeter to dynamically provision service-chained virtualized security services in cloud environments.


The suite includes 3 products: Firefly Perimeter with Junos Space Virtual Director, which provides full lifecycle management for Firefly Perimeter VMs, and Firefly Host (formerly vGW) - all orderable through our global channel partners.


In short - Firefly Host provides protection for the cloud while Firefly Perimeter provides protection from the cloud.


For more details, please check the press release and new solution brief, “A Multilayered, Dynamic, and Automated Approach to Securing Virtualized and Cloud Environments.”