Smart Networking: The Coffee Connection

By Elevate posted 01-27-2014 07:00


Juniper_RSACoffee_Proof1 (2).jpg

I find attending RSA a great experience. Each year, I get to hear about the latest security technology, what the big heads in the industry are thinking (this often includes our own team), and reconnect with friends. In total, the security industry approaches $80B. But even with such huge spend, we see familiar faces each year.  


In fact, many of us continue to cross paths at these kinds of events and even in companies. An interesting experiment is to stand in the middle of the show floor and count the number of companies within view you've worked at.  I suspect for many of us it's more than a couple.  And I suspect it’s always on everyone’s list to find a bit of time—and space—to reconnect.


As you go through the week and are looking for a slightly quieter place to meet and catch up with friends—as well as a little caffeination—I’d recommend Peet's Coffee. There is a convenient location right by the Moscone Center on the corner of 4th and Harrison. Close enough to walk, but far enough to just get out of the circle of the RSA crowd.


San Francisco Coffee Stops for RSA Travelers: