Seen this movie before?

By Elevate posted 02-03-2015 08:24


Butch and Sundance walk into the bank, guns blazing. “Hands in the air and shut up – Do as I say and no one gets hurt!” Sundance shouts.


There’s a chorus of gasps from the tellers and customers, while the hands go up. While Butch covers, Sundance walks up to the teller, opens his big bag and demands: “All your money. Fill it up. Now.”


Meanwhile in the corner, a sheepish manager quickly scribbles on a piece of paper: “Getting robbed. Send help. Tucson branch.”


Butch and Sundance walk out with a bag of cash, hop on their horses, and ride off into the sunset.


As the dust settles, the bank manager puts his note in an envelop, scribbles the address of the San Francisco home office, walks out to the front porch, hurries down the road to the post office, and drops his letter in the box.


Three weeks later, the letter arrives at the home office.


Seen this movie before? Yep.


Too little too late? Yep.




Fast forward to 2015: the time between an incident happening and you actually doing something about it hasn’t changed at all. In fact, more often that not, it still takes weeks to even realize there’s been a breach.


Why? Too much noise, too many signals, and no way to stop the action before Butch and Sundance take their leave with the dough in tow.


But now there’s a new ending. With Juniper’s threat intelligence platform, you can stop the action by taking action at the firewall. With SRX, threat intelligence now streams from virtually any threat data source, into a high-performance system that directs the right threat data to your SRX firewalls… in less than 60 seconds. That threat data can stop any number of actions, including a malware "call home" script to a command and control server.


Seriously, if this were around back in the day, well, let’s just say the boys would not have made it to Bolivia.


Check out the new ending to this movie with Juniper's SRX and Threat Intelligence Platform.


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