Ready to go virtual? We have what you’re looking for….

By Elevate posted 09-02-2015 00:00


Virtual security is increasingly finding its way onto the “must have” list of many organizations.


In fact, according to Infonetics, nearly 80% of enterprises will have deployed virtual firewalls by 2017 . With all the hype about virtual solutions, what should you be looking for? The evolving threat landscape is just as frightening in the cloud as it is in physical environments, so cloud security needs to be just as resilient and advanced as its physical brethren.


To prepare for this critical purchase, there are eight questions you should be asking before you buy. Find them here in this Buyer’s Guide infographic and see how Juniper Networks vSRX virtual firewall addresses each and every one of them. But that’s not all… If you’re like most enterprises, you need both physical and virtual security as you straddle workloads in mixed environments.


A few months ago we announced that Juniper had the industry’s fastest physical firewall with the SRX5800. Since then, we’ve upped our game: Juniper now has the industry’s fastest physical and virtual firewalls!   The newly released vSRX delivers upto 17Gbps firewall large packet (1514 byte) and 4Gbps Imix throughput. This performance is achieved with using only 2 virtual CPUs, making it the most efficient virtual firewall offering with the highest performance per core and lowest total cost of ownership per core. In addition, vSRX offers a comprehensive NGFW with the standard features of firewall, VPN and NAT along with advanced security services such as IPS, AppSecure and UTM. 


And Juniper has actually also virtualized its flagship router, the vMX, available here.


Try vSRX FREE for 60 days, download your trial here.  The SRX Series and vSRX are ready to secure your network, physical or virtual. Let us show you how.


Check out the Virtual Firewall Buyer's Guide infographic below:


vSRX infographic.PNG