NSA Scrabble Fodder

By Elevate posted 10-24-2013 10:48


I don't know about you, but I've always wanted to learn the code names for NSA surveillance and exploit tools. I mean, who wouldn't? It would definitely give me the upper hand when playing beltway Scrabble.



All kidding aside, here's a short list, posted by Bruce Schneier, extracted from the most recent Snowden files.

There's also a new page now on Wikipedia for a more extensive list.

Of course I would expect the NSA to have plenty of code names. But there's something about this extensive list that just kind of makes me shake my head and wonder, what's next? And seriously, what language are they creating here?





10-26-2013 09:04

You're right. "Heidie" would be way to obvious.

10-24-2013 15:58

I would call her Zodiak.

10-24-2013 13:54

The code names used for the phonetaps on world leaders must be interesting as well. How to call Angela Merkel ?!