Marrying the Firewall with the Threat Intelligence You Need

By Elevate posted 10-08-2014 14:27


threatintelligence.pngTo avoid becoming the next victim in the long line of data breach impacted organizations, many have started using a diverse and wide array of threat intelligence sources such as honeypots, social media monitoring, malware reverse engineering approaches, or others, as described by Anton Chuvakin in this blog. Also, although organizations commonly use a firewall, it isn’t open enough to take action based on the customer’s choice of threat intelligence. That means that you cannot pick and choose the best threat intelligence for your particular needs. Instead, you are at the mercy of the firewall vendor and the technologies they offer at a given point in time. If, instead, the firewall could seamlessly unite with any threat intelligence data irrespective of the source, it would be a perfect union. Check out why.