Leverage the Entire Network for Lateral Threat Remediation

By Elevate posted 11-08-2017 16:29





Juniper’s SDSN Platform Extending Security Deeper into the Network with Third-Party Switches


Today’s dynamic business environment requires organizations to defend themselves against increasingly sophisticated cybersecurity attacks powered by advanced threat intelligence and enforcement capabilities. That demands a comprehensive security platform that ties together and coordinates various threat analytics platforms, as well as a simpler policy mechanism.  Most important, you must be able to leverage the entire network—not just the perimeter—as a threat detection and enforcement tool.


Juniper’s Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) solution with Sky Advanced Threat Prevention (ATP) anti-malware service delivers highly effective protection against today’s sophisticated and ever-evolving threat landscape.  With the SDSN platform, enterprises benefit from a unified defense across multivendor environments, including public and private clouds.  Powered by automated threat remediation, real-time intelligence, and machine learning, your network will know when and how to protect your people, your data, and your infrastructure—no matter where they are.


Juniper’s SDSN platform leverages the entire network, not just perimeter firewalls, as a threat detection and security enforcement domain. Policy Enforcer, a component of Juniper’s Junos Space Security Director management software, orchestrates policies created by the Sky ATP cloud-based malware detection solution, distributing them to Juniper EX Series switches and Juniper virtual and physical SRX Series firewalls, as well as third-party switches.


By enabling SDSN-based security policy enforcement on third-party switches, Juniper empowers enterprises to defend themselves against the lateral movement of threats and block or quarantine infected hosts, even when users move and the IP addresses of devices change.  This workflow is the same for endpoints that connect to the network via wireless access points.


Watch the following video to learn more about the key benefits of Juniper’s SDSN platform, as well as how it isolates an infected endpoint connected to third-party switches.



For more information on configuring enforcement on third-party switches, please consult the SDSN Policy Enforcer Administration Guide or read the Policy Enforcer release notes.


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