In a World of Paradigm Shifts, This is a Big One

By Elevate posted 04-25-2016 04:50


A couple of months ago, at RSA, we introduced our vision for secure networks. We call it the Software Defined Secure Network (SDSN) and it shifts the paradigm from network security to secure networks. That’s an important distinction for customers and partners alike.


SDSN is how the network can protect itself. With SDSN, every part of the network can become an active participant in security by providing information for detection or becoming an enforcement point. Long term, this is the most effective way to deal with threats and intruders by leveraging your entire network to be part of your overall security capabilities rather than only in specific dedicated security products.Slide1.png


SDSN is pervasive and significantly more effective and manageable. It will make it far more difficult for those with the intent of causing harm to do so. Customers can now focus on the harder cybersecurity problems they face.


Today, Juniper Networks is furthering our SDSN vision by unveiling the new virtual firewall product with a compact footprint, the cSRX which provides advanced L4-L7 services and is tailored for container environments, and also an upgraded virtual SRX (vSRX), which is the fastest virtual firewall in the industry and the first to reach 100 giga bits per second (Gbps). Both enable the network to better detect and combat threats through increased speed and agility.


These enhancements to Juniper’s virtualized security portfolio extend the network and security administrator’s ability to provision and scale firewall protection, while adding enforcement points across containerized and virtualized environments. That’s what SDSN is all about. There’s more information about today’s announcement here


Some things to keep in mind: With SDSN, the network is easier to manage. Policy is simpler to create and deploy. Policies adapt based on real-time threat intelligence and enforcement is automated. Threat detection is faster. Customers understand this.


There’s more information about SDSN in this video with our CTO and VP of Security, Kevin Walker. Get familiar with SDSN. It’ll shift everyone’s network security paradigm sooner than you think.