A point of view: Security is about time

By Elevate posted 02-04-2015 10:00


Juniper’s claim to fame is building incredibly reliable, scalable and fast networking technology.


Said simply, we are in the packet moving business. And when you’re moving packets, only two things really matter. First, that packets move quickly. Second, that packets are secure.


Sounds simple enough, no?


Let’s talk about the security part of this equation. I would submit that In security, it’s all about time. Time really matters quite a lot. Because the velocity, volume, and impact of threats continues to grow.


So how can you reduce your risks and improve your agility while being under constant attack? Play the time card. Actually, pay all three time cards.


First, equipment. You have to have fast network security equipment. So you don’t slow down traffic, so you don’t affect quality of service. Juniper knows a lot about performance. Juniper was the first company to ship a 100 GbE interface. And now, we’re pushing the boundary on one terabit of throughput in a single firewall. With custom built ASICs and services offload technology, this also translates into super low latency.


Understanding down time is also a factor. Third party testing shows we clock in at an incredible 20 sec per year. Another way of saying this is that we provide over 6-nines of availability per year. Performance, reliability– it’s all in the equipment.



Second, threat response time. When a threat, like a newly identified piece of malware, hits the scene and becomes known by security researchers, you want that one important piece of threat data to get to your enforcement points…quickly. We can do it in less that 60 seconds. Literally the minute a threat is identified, it can be associated with the right policy at the right firewall. Or, at every firewall across your enterprise. That’s as fast as it gets.


Third, it takes time to grow, to scale, or to make a change to your network. Using automation from Juniper drastically reduces the time it takes to do things like update policies. We can take that tedious task from hours, down to minutes. The time it takes to respond to an incident, right now can take weeks. In fact it usually does. With automation you can bring it down to minutes. The time it take to provision network and security services for a new app? It can take months. We bring it down to minutes.


All this time savings translates into pretty substantial operational efficiencies. In other words, money.


Because as we all know, time is money.


In security, time is the key. It’s the most important element for reducing risk. Because when bad actors have you in their sites, or when unfortunate errors occur that lead to a breach, you want time on your side. You’ve got it with Juniper: fast equipment, like the SRX, fast threat response based on Spotlight Secure threat intelligence platform, and fast automation across security, routers and switches.


That brings us back to where we started: Networks are about moving packets – they need to be fast, and they have to be secure at the same time. You really can’t separate the two. And that’s why juniper is in the security business.


We give you time. And time is money.


Talk to Juniper about security. It will be well worth the time.


(see the video here)

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02-12-2015 05:41

Good points Rebecca. 

In this age of constantly evolving and ever more sophisticated malware, it's imperative to work proactively to stop threats (dealing with the unknown or 'zero day') as well as ensuring a rapid response to new threats that come across the Security industry's radar.  Reassuringly, the SRX platform features fully fledged UTM functionality, including both Full and Express AV options based on the award winning Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus engine - which also ticks the box when it comes to speed of response!