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What are the components of Junosphere?

By Elevate posted 03-10-2016 08:22



What are the components of Junosphere?


You access the Junosphere GUI through a Web browser. The Junosphere GUI allows users to create, modify, launch, and join topologies. It also facilitates management of users and purchased virtual machine (VM) unit capacity.


Note: The Junosphere user interface is based entirely on RESTful APIs. For API examples of some common scripting and automation tasks, click Junosphere API Developer Guide.


To provide a complete modeling environment, Junosphere supports this ecosystem:


  • Virtual Routers—Virtual routers are virtualized software versions of Juniper Networks hardware devices that consist of unmodified Junos OS on a KVM hypervisor running on a generic x86 platform. Currently, Junosphere hosted devices include VJX (virtual J Series router), Firefly Perimeter (virtual Services Gateway), BGP Feed (BGP Service), and VPTX (virtual Packet Transport Router).
  • Junosphere Connector—Junosphere Connector is the client/server software that enables an SSH tunnel to connect the virtual network environment in the Junosphere public cloud with the physical network on customer's premises anywhere in the world. This also provides support for multivendor environments.
  • Junos Space—Junos Space can be run within Junosphere to manage your virtual network.
  • Guest OS Images—While we expect that most people will want to load VJX1000 as their OS, we also provide a CentOS VM so customers can run their own CentOS applications, as well as third-party applications on CentOS.
  • Partner products—Junosphere Lab is intended to provide a complete and realistic lab environment and we are working with partners to make partner applications available. Today, the partners with applications available in Junosphere include Mu Dynamics, Packet Design, and WANDL. These are included in Junosphere's usage-based pricing model, wherein it takes one VM unit to run each partner VM for one day. There are no additional license fees.

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