How do you obtain, upload, and manage a DMI schema of a device for use in Network Director?

By Elevate posted 02-25-2016 21:24



How do you obtain, upload, and manage a DMI schema of a device for use in Network Director?


Each device type is described by a unique data model (DM) that contains all the configuration data for it. The Device Management Interface (DMI) schema lists all the possible fields and attributes for a type of device. The latest schemas describe the new features available with recent device releases. It is important that you load all your device schemas into Junos Space Network Management Platform; otherwise, only a default schema will be applied when you try to edit a device configuration.

In most installations, Junos Space automatically matches DMI schemas with device families. But there might be certain situations where your network uses a device for which Junos Space does not have the latest or a supported schema available. In such instances, you must obtain and upload the required schema and set it as the default DMI schema for each device family. Setting the default DMI schema for each device family enables Junos Space to apply the appropriate schema to each device family.


If you cannot find the schema equivalent, use the latest schema from the main release or contact the Juniper Support. For example, for an EX4500 switch running Junos OS Release 13.2X51-D20, you must use the JUNOS 13.2X51-D20 schema. If this is not available, you can use the latest schema available from the JUNOS 13.2X51 releases. Use the DMI Schema Table in the Network Director Release Notes as a guideline for the fallback schema that you can obtain and upload in Junos Space before you start working on Network Director.


You can download all the relevant schemas to be used for wireless controllers running Mobility System Software (MSS) from the Software Download page.


For more information about acquiring, uploading, and managing DMI schemas, see the Junos Space documentation.