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How do the Junosphere SKUs work?

By Elevate posted 03-10-2016 08:25



How do the Junosphere SKUs work?


Each Junosphere SKU provides a specific amount of VM units. A VM unit is the amount of capacity needed to run one basic virtual machine (VM) for one day. Every virtual network device in Junosphere has a cost of at least one VM unit.


For example, the first SKU shown in the Sample SKU Orders table gives 2 x 10 x 30 = 600 VM units. Such a capacity can be used to run a very large topology of 300 basic VMs for two days or a small topology of five basic VMs for 120 days.


The second SKU provides 50 VM units at any time and unlimited connectors. It also provides 1000 VM units of overflow capacity. In the Annual Plan, overflow capacity is supplemental regular capacity that allows a customer to go beyond the daily limit of the Annual Plan for a fixed amount of time. For example, the 100 VM unit Annual Plan has 2000 VM units of overflow capacity. This allows you to run a topology of 200 VM units (100 VM units included in the Annual Plan and 100 VM units from the overflow capacity) for 20 days, 150 VM units for 40 days, 110 VM units for 200 days, and so on. It is expended on the same pay-per-use basis as other regular Lab and Class (non-annual plan) capacity.


The third SKU provides 30 Junosphere Connectors to connect the virtual topology with the physical lab. The Junosphere Connector SKU—JUS-CONNECT-1—provides the customer with one Junosphere Connector tunnel and the ability to transfer 1 Mbps of data for one day. If you need to have multiple connections with the physical lab, you will have to purchase more Junosphere Connectors. For example, the JUS-CONNECTOR-30 SKU connects the virtual topology to physical lab and transfers data at 1 Mbps for 30 days.


SKU Description Quantity
JUS-LAB-10VM-30 Provides 300 VM units (10 x 30) regular capacity, with images and tools 2
JUS-ANNUAL-PLAN-50 Provides 50 VM unit annual plan, includes 50 VM units at any time and 1000 VM units of overflow capacity with unlimited Junosphere Connectors 1



Connects Junosphere to physical lab and transfers data at 1 Mbps for 30 days 1

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