How do I back up Network Director data?

By Elevate posted 02-28-2016 22:32



How do I back up Network Director data?


You can back up the data that Network Director holds—such as configuration data, monitoring data, and generated reports. You do so by using the Junos Space Network Application Platform database backup and restore facility. This facility backs up all the data kept by Junos Space and installed applications and can be configured to perform backups on a recurring schedule.


If you restore the database from a backup, all data generated after you performed the backup is lost.


To back up Network Director data:

  1. Click the Space Platform icon in the Network Director banner.
    The Junos Space Platform dashboard appears.
  2. Select Administration > Databases from the tasks list in the Network Application Platform workspace.
  3. Click the Backup Database icon.

You can learn more about database backup and restore of Junos Space applications from the Junos Space documentation or online help.