FAQ: Juniper Real-time Performance Monitoring (RPM)

By Elevate posted 06-01-2016 06:52



Juniper real-time performance monitoring (RPM) is a network health monitoring tool. Juniper RPM features network performance parameters such as latency, packet loss, and jitter for a network health checkup.


Monitoring Options:

You can use SNMP to retrieve the network health parameters with the JUNIPER-RPM-MIB. Use this MIB to poll latency, packet loss, and jitter information in any NMS which supports the SNMP protocol. You can also use the SNMP traps in this MIB on port 162. Configure RPM to set the threshold parameters for latency, packet loss, and jitter. When these values cross the configured threshold limits, the Juniper device sends an SNMP trap to the configured NMS. A monitoring team can then take respective action when receiving these alerts to increase their network performance.


You can configure RPM probes for any IP address or URL.


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06-06-2016 13:09

Unfortunately, we cannot provide forward-facing information on this public forum. You might want to check with your Juniper partner or sales person about this particular question.

06-03-2016 03:32

This is comparable to Cisco's IPSLA, however one limitation we realised is probes cannot be sent under 1s interval as opposed to Cisco:

"Within a test, RPM probes are sent at regular intervals, configured in seconds."

RPM Overview


Is there any roadmap of having RPM probe intervals less than 1 second / within ms?