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Do I have to use my time contiguously?

By Elevate posted 03-10-2016 08:26



Do I have to use my time contiguously?


You do not need to use your time contiguously. However, the time you buy will expire one year after purchase.


You can schedule the time any way you want in increments of whole days. For example, if you buy the JUS-LAB-10VM-30 SKU, you would have access to 300 VM units, each of which can run one basic VM for one day. So you could use all 300 VM units in one day, use 75 VM units for one day once a week for four weeks, use 20 VM units every other day for a month, and so on.


Note: The only exception is the free test drive we offer customers. The Junosphere Test Drive must be scheduled in a contiguous fashion.


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