The Art of Fighting Cyber Crime

By Amy James posted 12-12-2017 13:25


When it comes to defending your organization from cyber crime, time matters. Visibility matters. Environment matters. And, more than ever, conditions matter. In order to shrink the time from detection to remediation, security operators need a cyber defense system truly adapts to a hyper-active threat climate and is designed from inception to be agile. That window of time between detection and remediation defines the overall potential impact of a security breach. The longer the time, the greater potential for damage. The diversity of environments – physical, virtual, private cloud, public cloud, locations, and departments – drives the need for a more responsive and unified approach to cybersecurity. The sheer volume of information generated by your security environment creates a firehose of alerts from so many sources that security operators often have difficulty seeing the most crucial characteristics of the threats that come into their view.


From the moment a cyber criminal compromises your defenses, establishes a foothold, and spreads laterally across your network, a threat takes on a life of its own. To help safeguard your organization, you need a cybersecurity system that detects the most deceptive threats, analyzes their behavior, adapts and then automates protective measures. And this needs to be done fast.


The good news is that at Juniper Networks we have created a security platform that is always on, always evolving and always automating to match the continual expansion of the cyber crime lifecycle. Today, we’re truly evolving advanced security.

Software-Defined Secure NetworksSoftware-Defined Secure Networks

When we announced our acquisition of Cyphort at the end of August this year, we significantly amped up our ability to know what threats are doing and how to stop them. Building on our cloud delivered anti malware service, Sky Advanced Threat Prevention, our new on-premises Advanced Threat Prevention product, formerly known as Cyphort, has built-in threat behavior analytics and one-touch mitigation, driving significant time out of manual remediation tasks that fall to security operators who are already stretched too thin. In fact, a collection of incident responder tasks that normally take two hours, can now be done in only 10 minutes.


And wouldn’t it be great if your security management solution knew the difference between a sev 1 breach and an overload of video streaming and adapted enforcement rules? How many static, manual policies need to get updated to deploy the appropriate measures and how long does that take? In our own IT department, we have seen an 80% reduction in time spent on firewall rule management with this new feature. With industry leading adaptive policy innovations in Junos Space Security Director, your practitioners will be freed up to focus on what matters most.


To address the need for scalable defense across environments, we have added the SRX4600 next gen firewall to our portfolio. The SRX4600 is compact, high-performance and built from the ground up to address the needs of efficiency and agility for private cloud. It can detect a broad array of malicious malware through the Sky Advanced Threat Prevention option and can be managed with Security Director for unified visibility and control.


The Software-Defined Secure Network (SDSN) from Juniper Networks is changing the game of fighting cyber crime -- giving you the upper hand.